Webinar with Mechanical Science and Engineering Team students from Saratoga High School.

My talk on "Building Peace and Keeping Humans in Charge" presented at Techonomy 2019 in Half Moon Bay, CA.


Taking over DEFCON's Ethics Village in Las Vegas to ask hackers - "Is it Ethical to Work on Autonomous Weapons?"



Big Tech Roast

Representing the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots at Ethics in Tech's "Big Tech Comedy Roast" in Palo Alto, CA.


My statement to the UN General Assembly 1st Committee, representing Human Rights Watch in New York City.


Japanese news coverage on the tech industry's role in developing artificial intelligence for use in weapons.



Ethics in Tech Presentation

My presentation on the human rights consequences of AI in warfare & policing at Ethics in Tech in San Francisco, CA.


I moderate a Stanford Law School debate on "AI in Warfare" at the"AI and Human Rights" Conference.


I moderate a panel on the tech industry and autonomous weapons at the United Nations in Geneva.